Episode 124: '82 REPLAY: Black Lightning The '82 Podcast S1: Ep. 1


At Est. 1982, we love our video games, movies & television. Every "1982sday", we want our listeners to take part in the conversations we have on regular basis. We are working hard EVERY DAY to improve and provide more content for our listeners. Our mission is to expand our podcast over time to become a network of podcasts that pertain to what we hold near and dear to our hearts. So enter... Black Lightning!    When episode 1 of Black Lightning hit the airwaves, we were all blown away by everything that this show had to offer. It is a superhero show with relevant weight and complexity. It presents a new image of an African- American man that loves and supports his family and community - the true definition of a superhero! This "sparked" us to create a new podcast focusing on the hit CW show.    So...on the day of the season finale of the CW hit show "Black Lightning", we celebrate by replaying the first episode of the Black Lightning: The '82 Podcast. If you like what you hear, please check out more episodes of Black Lightning: The '82 Podcast on: Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/BlackLightning82, Google Play, Spotify & est1982podcast.com    Thank you for listening to the Est.1982 & Black Lightning: The '82 Podcast! More to come in the future. 

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