Wally Analog

Wally Analog is the energetic & brutally honest MC of the ’82 crew. The name says it all – Wally pays homage to old school gaming. From time to time, he will be the first to buck the “digital” system with his colorful commentary on the topics of the day.

Rowls Royce Elite

The consummate gentleman, Rowls Royce Elite is the even-keeled gatekeeper of civility and order on the podcast with a hint of elitism in the area of movies, video games, design & comic books.

Hattori Hanzo

A hater at heart, the only thing that brings Hattori more joy than movies, video games and comic books is the opportunity to unsheathe his sword and eviscerate them whenever they fall short.

Mr. Nutz 05

Mr. Nutz 05 is the seldom seen ’82 researcher who, even in his absence, makes his presence felt with his thorough, investigative report-style contributions of geek culture content.

JG the Chic Geek

JG the Chic Geek is the beautiful co-host of Naomi: The ‘82 Podcast. She provides a fresh & youthful perspective in the discussions about the character Naomi.